Dear Valued Customer: 

In my 45 years in the graphic arts industry, I have never been confronted with a crisis that emerged as quickly and escalated as fast as the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the spirit of partnership, I wanted to reach out to all of HYBRID Software’s customers to explain our response to the crisis and how we will help our customers respond to this challenge.  Our action plan has multiple objectives:

  • To protect the health and safety of the HYBRID family: our customers, employees, and partners
  • To act responsibly and in compliance with all government guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • To insure business continuity for our customers by providing uninterrupted support and additional assistance
  • To continue the development of innovative labels & packaging software solutions without interruption

Most HYBRID employees will be working from home, in compliance with official guidelines that have been issued in many countries.  Please rest assured that HYBRID’s cloud-based infrastructure has always been designed to support our distributed global workforce, whether they are working remotely or from the office.  Our response to support and licensing requests will be unchanged.  Office voicemails will be monitored, and you are always free to contact any of our employees directly by cell phone.

Customer visits for installations and demonstrations will be more difficult with travel restrictions in place.  We will contact all customers with scheduled appointments to reconfirm plans or make alternative arrangements for remote installation and training.  

We understand that COVID-19 presents challenges to your business as it does to ours.  If your employees are working from home and need additional temporary licenses for PACKZ or CLOUDFLOW, we are happy to provide these licenses for the duration of the crisis at no cost to our customers.

If we can do anything else to lessen the impact of COVID-19, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Together we will weather the storm and return to business as usual as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Guido Van der Schueren

Chairman, HYBRID Software