The Ghent Workgroup surveys the packaging printing market

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The Ghent Workgroup seeks insights

The Ghent Workgroup is involved in the creation of best practices and standards for many graphic arts workflows and aims to standardise processes in the printing industry. To serve the needs of the printing industry, the Ghent Workgroup has created a survey for anyone involved in printing processes. Be sure to let your voice be heard, so that your needs can be addressed! It only takes a couple of minutes.

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Frank Vyncke HYBRID Software

“We noticed an evolution where we see that printing can include more than one printing pass, either because part of the artwork is fixed and part is variable, or because some very special opaque layers that are needed.

Before we spend time and effort on this niche market, we need to know if there is value for enough end users in such a standard. That’s why we created this survey to check if there is a broad enough user base that would benefit from such a standard.”

Frank Vyncke, CLOUDFLOW Development Manager at HYBRID Software and active member of the GWG Packaging SubCommittee

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