We are embarking on a new chapter

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Discover the profitability forecast of Global Graphics, as told by our Chairman. In this next chapter, we are gearing up for growth and major transformation.

“With our expansion strategy, which is based on 75% organic growth and 25% growth through acquisitions, we aim to achieve 100 million euros in turnover and EBITDA of 30 to 35 million euros by 2026. This means quadrupling our turnover between 2020 and 2026. That said, we have already come a long way towards our goal by merging with HYBRID Software,” he adds.

We are embarking on a new chapter in our existence

Interview with Guido Van der Schueren, Chairman of the Board, Global Graphics

(Excerpt) Global Graphics, now a holding company, is comprised of Global Graphics, a developer of software solutions for digital printing, HYBRID Software, a developer of productivity tools and workflow automation software for labels and packaging, Xitron, which specialises in solutions driving industrial printheads, and finally Meteor, offering software that makes PDF content, among other formats, fit for print.

“Global Graphics merged with HYBRID Software in view of the existing synergies between our two companies,” says Van der Schueren, coming straight to the point. “This was our vision even seven years ago, and earlier this year, it finally became reality. The products developed by Global Graphics are now sold by HYBRID Software and vice-versa. We are starting to see the first effects of this new organisational structure, and by 2022, we will be able to benefit fully from the synergies it creates.”

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