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NewsRoom: Color Management in PACKZ 8.5


Discover the new features for color management available in PACKZ 8.5. Join the webinar hosted by Joris Verbouwe, our Product Manager of Color Technology, to discover the new Press View for your artwork’s performance on multicolor print conditions, or how to transform spot colors with customized recipes from ColorLogic.

Jump to chapters for easy viewing:

0:00 Introductions and Housekeeping

1:12 PACKZ 8.5 family, version history

3:32 ColorLogic product

5:00 Durable and Eco-Friendly software

6:40 Demonstration

7:05 PACKZ Press Preview

12:15 PACKZ Assets: ICCBasedColor

13:20 CoPrA 9 create ICC Device profiles

15:22 CoPrA 9 create ICC DeviceLink profiles: Rendering, Exceptions, Color Generation

21:45 CoPrA 9: 4 to 6 color ICC DeviceLink

23:30 ColorAnt: Color Editor: Spots to Recipes in CxF/X-1 for PACKZ

26:35 PACKZ Color Book: Import CxF/X-1 file with recipes

27:45 PACKZ Convert artwork to flexo

33:55 PACKZ: Evaluate 3 versions artwork

38:28 Extra Unique Features with ColorLogic

38:50 CLOUDFLOW with PACKZflow

40:22 Q&A

43:45 Media Center for replay

44:20 END

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