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HYBRID Software
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With offices in Belgium, Germany, US, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and China plus a global partner network, HYBRID Software is an enterprise software development company focused on innovative productivity tools for the graphic arts industry.

HYBRID Software’s CLOUDFLOW workflow, PACKZ and STEPZ editors, and print quality solutions offer a unique set of advantages that include native PDF workflows, enterprise cloud solutions, scalable technology with low cost of ownership, and direct integration with leading MIS solutions and output devices. These products are used by thousands of customers worldwide in all areas of prepress and print, including labels and packaging, folding cartons, corrugated, wide format and digital printing. HYBRID Software is a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group.

Chairman of the Board

Between 1974 and 1982 Guido Van der Schueren worked as Sales Manager ‘Compugraphic’ with Bonte NV and for the following ten years he served in various positions within the graphic arts market, including Sales and Marketing Director with DISC.

In 1992 he co-founded Artwork Systems and from 1996 to 2007 served as Managing Director of Artwork Systems Group NV and its subsidiaries.

He served as Vice Chairman of the EskoArtwork Group from June 2007 until April 2011 when he joined HYBRID Software Inc as Chairman of the Board.


Chief Marketing Officer, Managing Director HYBRID Software GmbH

In 1994 Christopher Graf founded PIC GmbH (Production Integration Company), which specialized in software and hardware distribution plus integration services for the labels and packaging industry. This was acquired by Artwork Systems in 1998. Between 1998 and 2008 he was managing director for the German speaking territories for Artwork Systems and later EskoArtwork.

Before starting HYBRID Software GmbH in September 2011, Christopher was managing director of DALIM SOFTWARE. In this role he had worldwide responsibility for sales, marketing and product management. As a partner and member of the board of HYBRID Software he is in charge of the DACH region and Eastern Europe, with special responsibility for global business development and marketing.


Chief Commercial Officer HYBRID Software NV

Jan Ruysschaert entered the graphic arts industry in 1979 when he joined DISC, which later became Barco Graphics. Following a varied career in sales management he joined Artwork System in 1994 and subsequently held several senior positions within the company and later with EskoArtwork, including Associate Director of Sales, Managing Director Artwork Systems UK, Vice-President Commercial Print and Director Brand Owners Channel Management.

In June 2011 he set up HYBRID Software NV, HYBRID’s Belgian subsidiary.


Technical Director for Prepress

Patrick began his career in the packaging software industry in 1988 as a developer for the Belgian company DISC Graphics, which later became part of Barco Graphics. In 1993, he joined several other DISC/Barco colleagues at Artwork Systems, and soon became R&D Manager for the team which created the first Macintosh-based pre-press editor for packaging. Even after Artwork Systems merged with Esko in 2007, Patrick continued leading the development of the pre-press editors team until 2011.

In 2012, he founded PACKZ Software and pulled together a talented development team to once again challenge the status quo with an innovative native PDF editor for packaging pre-press, PACKZ. PACKZ Software soon started a business and technology partnership with HYBRID Software. Today, both companies are co-located in Gent, Belgium, where Patrick is now Technical Director of the pre-press software tools for HYBRID Software.


Chief Technology Officer

After graduating in computer science at the University of Ghent, Nick De Roeck started at Artwork Systems NV in 1998. There he held several positions in software development and IT. In 2000 he became development manager for Artwork Systems’ web-oriented products. In 2007 he founded NiXPS NV, an engineering company focused on developing software technology for the graphic arts.

At NiXPS NV, he spearheaded the development of PDF technology, web-based tools and automation software for the graphic arts. NiXPS merged operations with HYBRID Software in 2013. Nick currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for HYBRID Software, and oversees HYBRID’s global software development team.


Chief Financial Officer

Joachim was named Chief Financial Officer of HYBRID Software in April 2016. He is responsible for the financial management of the company, supervising HYBRID’s administrative and accounting departments and also spearheading corporate development initiatives.

Prior to that, he was employed as a merger & acquisitions advisor in a Flanders-based mid-market M&A boutique. Joachim started his professional career in 2010 as financial auditor at BDO.

Joachim earned his Master’s degree in trade sciences at the Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp.


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