Les temps forts de PRO.PACKAGING 2023

2023-06-01T17:27:51+02:0001/06/2023|EXEMPLES DE RÉUSSITES|

Notre équipe Allemagne/Autriche/Suisse a fait le tour de 6 villes de la région au cours des dernières semaines pour recueillir directement les impulsions des professionnels de l’emballage et partager les nouvelles innovations de notre logiciel. Merci à tous nos invités pour les innombrables conversations enrichissantes qu’ils ont eues avec nous.

Enjoy below impressions from the event, and a customer testimonial from PRO.PACKAGING attendee Idriss Brockmann-Serbis, who is CEO & Sustainable Digital Transformation Consultant at NightlyCode.

He reflects: “Thanks to the team of HYBRID Software for the very successful PRO.PACKAGING 2023. The program, but also the exchange with other users of HYBRID solutions was particularly valuable. In no web conference can so many experiences be exchanged so intensively and in such a short time.

Once again HYBRID Software proved that they understand the requirements and challenges of the printing and packaging industry correctly. In my view, HYBRID’s solutions are and will remain the absolute reference in terms of facilitation and automation for prepress. Performant and absolutely practical. The functions and innovations presented at PRO.PACKAGING 2023 have confirmed this once again.

The fact that HYBRID is now expanding its offering with MyCLOUDFLOW to include a SaaS model was, in my opinion, a logical step and absolutely overdue: Now the story is simply complete. This means that companies can finally focus on the essentials and make progress in the production process instead of racking their brains over IT issues.

For me, it has been confirmed that HYBRID is the right partner for professional software solutions in the printing and packaging industry. And they understand how important it is to gather the right people. I am already looking forward to the next collaboration!”


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