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Launch into Colorspace NewsRoom


Watch the recording of our ZOOM webinar from Wednesday, November 15th to discover Colorspace, our brand-new color management solution for cost optimization and brand color matching from within CLOUDFLOW.

Launch into CLOUDFLOW Colorspace for:

  • Spot color matching for brand color consistency
  • Immediate print performance estimation and suggestions for improvement
  • Flexible routing capabilities to conventional, digital or hybrid print conditions
  • Determining the best print condition for your artwork during the estimation process and provide data for accurate quoting
  • Modern color management technology from our ColorLogic team

Contact us today to learn more.

Skip to video chapters for easy viewing:

00:00 – Introduction from HYBRID

02:13 – Colorspace Presentation

07:02 – Estimation Flow Demo

22:02 – Production Flow

40:45 – ColorLogic Technology

45:41 – Colorspace USPs

46:19 – Q&A

55:00 – Visit our Media Center & Event Hub

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