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PACKZ 9.5 NewsRoom (English) Replay


Recorded on January 30th, 2024, watch the Replay of the PACKZ 9.5 NewsRoom to learn how to enhance productivity and print quality for labels and shrink sleeves directly from our Product Manager, Pascal Wybo. PACKZ 9.5 has been released, and with this new version comes brand new powerful features for unparalleled operator productivity for digital, flexo, and offset printing of labels and packaging.

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(04:12) New Expert Application: Capture 3D: By mapping 2D artwork to 3D modeling, view the compensation of artwork shrinkage live in a visually realistic 3D preview.

(17:43) Trap Rules for Smart Trapping: Our industry-leading technology models how artwork edges should be trapped and increases the efficiency and quality of trapping.

(23:14) Packzimizer for Lane Planning: Optimize gang printing of roll-fed digital labels for less wastage in cutting and finishing.

(33:25) Colorspace in PACKZ: Achieve high-quality color conversion for color consistency between all printing methods.

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