PACKZVIEW is a free, downloadable app to preview and inspect production PDF files based on the powerful PACKZ technology. Gain an instant preview of complex PDF files – including multi-page documents – and view transparency and overprints in the precise printing color.


This application is available upon a request basis* and is valid for one user.




View printing files more accurately with PACKZVIEW, Native PDF Viewer. Registration for PACKZVIEW is free of cost and is also available for non-PACKZ users.

*PACKZVIEW is available for professionals working in the printing industry only.

PACKZ shifts prepress production into a higher gear with the unique blend of automated actions and dedicated prepress tools. With its editing- and quality assurance-functions, the professional PDF editor makes designs print-ready for any printing process. PACKZ enriches designs with priming and finishing separation, handles ink sets and object-based screening, applies trapping and generates dynamic marks and panels.

The application also produces unique seasonal packaging and personalized labels with the VDP wizard, produces warp and 3D visualizations, and even optimizes substrate utilization using numerous step and repeat solutions, and more. Running on OS-X and Windows, the adaptive multi-display work environment in PACKZ ensures maximum performance and usability.

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