Announcing Playground: Experience CLOUDFLOW for free today

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Ever wished you could experience the power of CLOUDFLOW in a production-like environment?

Now you can.

Playground puts the power at your fingertips and is your opportunity to explore the potential CLOUDFLOW holds to increase your business efficiencies. Experiment today in a production-like environment via representative application scenarios.

Upload your own printing files, conduct quality checks with PDF Preflight, Design Comparison, 3D Preview with iC3D, RIP HXM Screening and collaboration tools for soft proofing and approvals– all from a comfortable web-based application. Read more in the official press release here.

Access Playground here

Upon registration, you’ll have direct access to a continually growing number of CLOUDFLOW apps. For a personal consultation to discuss specific efficiency enhancements possible for your business, contact us today.


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Playground provides you access to:

Prepress automation and quality checks

  • Proofscope: the turnkey solution for soft proofing and approvals
  • Web-based prepress automation based on native PDF files
  • Unmatched speed: 64-bit multi-processing and multi-threading
  • Complete set of prepress functions, such as document preflight and correction, separation handling, barcodes, transformations, trapping, flattening and many more
  • Creation of job info panels, slug-lines, bearer bars, etc.
  • File and asset management
  • User management and permissions

Realistic 3D Preview with iC3D

  • Workflow automation for 3D generation and viewing
  • High-res 3D viewing in the web browser, no plug-ins required
  • Seamless integration in workflow and approval processes
  • Automatic generation of 3D previews based on 3D models and PDF graphics
  • Built with powerful iC3D technology

Lightning Speed RIP Technology

  • Fastest RIP for packaging output based on proven Global Graphics Harlequin RIP
  • Visual inspection on dot level
  • Reliable output for various output devices
  • 1-bit and multilevel AM, FM and hybrid screening
  • Full control of screen sets and calibration, including support for object-based screening
  • Optional HXM hybrid screening
  • Fast, multi-threaded host renderer

Collaboration Tools in Browser Experience

  • Correct high-res preview in the web browser
  • Support for native PDF, screened TIFF, LEN and other image formats
  • Difference viewing with auto alignment and separation selection
  • Advanced markup and annotation tools
  • Measurement tools for ink densities, distances and angles
  • Easy to embed in existing web portals with full API

CLOUDFLOW is our modular production workflow suite for file processing, asset management, soft proofing and workflow automation.

It is a web-based application platform specifically tailored for the packaging graphics with support for PDF, color separation, trapping, screening, proofing and much more.

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