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A Closer Look at PACKZ and STEPZ PDF Editors

Pascal Wybo, Product Manager of PACKZ shares, “to succeed in a highly competitive label and packaging supply chain, companies are constantly looking for opportunities to elevate the productivity of their prepress processes. HYBRID Software fulfills this by providing an endless loop of viable solutions and products that blend human expertise with technology.”

LICOS – HYRID Software’s License Control System provides global license accessibility and flexibility to PACKZ and STEPZ license holders from anywhere in the world. Via its web-based control interface, licenses can be dynamically distributed in for seasonal or cyclical demands.

MARS – PACKZ and STEPZ are the only PDF editors with a built-in solution store. MARS offers ready-made dynamic marks and digital proof templates, automatic action lists and tools, preflight templates, color books, work environments, and more. The PDF editors also come with a link to HYBRID Software’s e-learning platform.

Environments – brings an à la carte user interface fine-tuned to the operator’s needs and comfort. PACKZ and STEPZ workspaces are accessible across multiple monitors and store presets, customized functions and tools, menu items based on job requirements, and create unique parameter sets based on client expectations.

Barcodes – PACKZ and STEPZ’s Barcode Scanner readily detects barcodes in linework and images and adapts them to match the artwork and printing conditions. Digital watermark elements are added to artwork using traceable barcodes to ensure brand integrity.

CLOUDFLOW Modular Workflow Suite

Intelligent Flexo – Intelligent Flexo not only offers a way to avoid issues such as trailing edge void, pin holing, dot gain and bridging, but does this while maintaining a completely agnostic approach to RIP vendor, CTP manufacturer, or plate supplier. Whether a file is screened with CLOUDFLOW RIP or another 3rd party solution, vast image manipulation and surface screening capabilities provide all the tools you’d need to treat problem areas individually with the unique attention that it requires. This toolset allows trade shops and printers to improve the quality and speed of both plate production and printing, reduce costs by using less ink, and fully automate their processes.

Tectonics – A web accessible plate layout and optimisation module for Flexo and Corrugated markets. It offers a wealth of cost and time saving features including automatic plate cropping and waste management: lending itself for maximising plate utilisation and intelligently reusing plate waste thus saving on expensive materials. Most recently, Tectonics boasts staggered cutting functionality which supports PDF cutting definitions and integrates seamlessly with PACKZ 8.0. Not to mention the ability to drive various CTP, cutting table, and mounting units.

MARS – The in-app store is not only limited to PACKZ and STEPZ but is also available within CLOUDFLOW. Here users can find a library of pre-built applications maintained by HYBRID Software which include workflows, files, and interfaces which can be installed and used with a single click.

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