PACKZ 7 Makes its Debut

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Fuel your labels and packaging business with the intelligent automation and personalization solutions of the most popular PDF editor in the label and packaging industry.

Pascal Wybo, Product Manager Editors shares, “The web-to-pack-and-label industry is growing rapidly because of the demand for more adorned personalized labels and eye-catching boxes. Folding carton and corrugated converters are entering the digital print space, while prepress and platemaking service providers are using their know-how to refocus on streamlined workflows with direct connectivity to digital pressrooms. The advances on all levels of the industry lead to PACKZ 7.”

Apple M1 and ColorLogic CMM
“The biggest changes are hidden deep inside PACKZ 7”, adds  Patrick Coussement, HYBRID’s Chief Operating Officer. The application runs natively on Apple M1 and the newest Mac computers. PACKZ 7 benefits immediately from the processor’s industry-leading performance and incredible efficiency.

PACKZ 7’s fully ICC compliant color management is now powered by ColorLogic. The combination of ColorLogic’s unparalleled range of spectral color technology combined with HYBRID Software’s high level of automation and integration possibilities, brings supreme color matching for any printing technology in PACKZ and the workflows.

Apple M1 And PACKZ HYBRID Software
PACKZ 7 runs natively on Apple M1 and the newest Mac computers

Patchworker Variable Data
Nothing impacts business growth more than a direct customer connection according to brands. HYBRID Software expands the Variable Data Printing wizard with Patchworker, an innovative and unique approach that shifts and changes design features in the same variable data production run regardless of the digital printing press. Print service providers and press owners can produce an unlimited variation of personalized labels or seasonal packaging and increase their addressable market size.

Packzimizer 7
Packzimizer has become more powerful. The technology gangs multiple jobs on quantity respecting layout templates or diecut libraries. Packzimizer outputs print-ready impositions for digital presses with a maximum substrate usage and press uptime.

Environments bring an extra level of comfort to the already personalized multi-screen user interface and workspaces. The entire behaviour of PACKZ 7 can be set with a single click. Screensets, barcode presets, preflight checks, color books and profiles, mark libraries, and much more are aligned with the brand you are producing for. Artwork position perfection is easier than ever before. Snap Sets help to align and transform image and linework by showing snap references to guides, points and any artwork elements. PACKZ 7 detects barcodes under any angle, while GS1 QR and Digital Link become part of the already wide range of codes that can be generated and make connections to business-to-business and business-to-consumer information.

PACKZ Environments Multi Screen Interface
PACKZ 7 promises comfort for multi-screen working environments

Pactions workstation automation
Pactions has been enhanced with even more parameterizable actions. The advanced automation tool inside PACKZ allows recording repetitive actions and repeats them at any time on a single or multipage artwork in PACKZ or CLOUDFLOW. The new actions will contribute to an even more improved productivity and profitability.

Pactions Workstation Automation
Record and repeat repetitive tasks with Pactions for reliable results

MARS Solutions store
Starting with PACKZ 7, the user community can search and discover solutions in MARS. The in-app platform contains predefined dynamic marks, digital proof templates, preflight reports and much more. Solutions can be downloaded and are immediately available for use. Experience PACKZ 7 now and shift into a higher gear with the unique blend of automated actions and dedicated prepress tools.


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