PACKZ 8 adds powerful tools for both flexo and digital output of flexible packaging


HYBRID Software’s PACKZ 8 adds powerful tools for both flexo and digital output of flexible packaging

(Ghent, Belgium) HYBRID Software, an innovative software development company for labels and packaging printing, has released Version 8 of its PACKZ and STEPZ native PDF editors, featuring automated action lists and new prepress tools for the demands of digitally printed flexible packaging. PACKZ and STEPZ support flexo and digital printing of flexible packaging, with more than 4,000 copies used by packaging printers and trade shops worldwide.

Automation of Cutting Line Definition
PACKZ 8 automates the entire cutting line definition process for flexo plate production using programmable automation tools called “Pactions”. The digital automation not only saves time but ensures personnel safety by reducing injuries which can result from manual flexo plate cutting.

PACKZ 8’s automation of cutting line definition with Pactions

Precise Shrink Sleeve Compensation with iC3D
HYBRID Software’s acquisition of iC3D, the 3D package design visualization software, has brought further innovation for shrink sleeves in flexible packaging. PACKZ 8 provides increased precision in the compensation for heat shrinkage in the flat artwork and a more accurate 3D modelling representation, resulting in less design iterations and printed packaging flaws.

Digimarc Watermark Recognition
HYBRID Software leverages Digimarc’s expertise in digital watermarking techniques to deliver a seamless solution for brand protection and traceability. PACKZ 8’s Digimarc digital watermark recognition capabilities drastically reduce the margin of error in Digimarc watermark handling, from creation to approval, to help avoid expensive printing mistakes.

PACKZ 8 automatically detects Digimarc watermarks within the artwork

Automation and security of barcode generation
PACKZ 8 delivers improvements in barcode readability for labels and clothing tags and offers new barcode generation from a delivered barcode graphic. Through the software’s adaptability to unique printing conditions, this feature is accessible for both low-cost label printers and high-end digital presses.

1) Barcode to linework converter 2) Barcode adaption to unique print conditions

Braille inspection and user experience
PACKZ 8 includes a new braille inspection tool and new features for comfort and convenience, such as adding drop shadows to the artwork.

 1) Braille Detection 2) Dropshadow

Finally, the customization features of PACKZ and STEPZ 8 increase usability and operator performance through three primary solutions: Workspaces, for wide-screen accessibility, new available Pactions for tailored shortcuts and tools, and á la carte user interface customization for more focused work environments.


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PACKZ and STEPZ 8 Webinar

Watch the webinar “Late Week” where PACKZ and STEPZ Product Manager Pascal Wybo introduces the newest features of version 8.

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