Attain seamless step and repeat patterns in PACKZ

2022-01-25T14:12:59+01:0025/01/2022|PRODUCT NEWS|

Puzzling over making seamless pattern repeats for sealed blister packaging, gift papers and security threads? PACKZ suggests hundreds of solutions in a fraction of a second matching with your production needs.

How does it work?
Load and set the preferred cylinder dimensions in the tabular step and repeat, and link one or multiple artworks with it. Users can simply request to make a seamless repetition by setting the desired orientation and stagger arrangement. PACKZ PDF Editor lets you search, filter and choose the solution that fits the unique production needs, while the seamless repetition automatically adapts for smooth plate making and mounting. Finally, dynamic marks and cutting lines are added for further uses in CLOUDFLOW Tectonics, HYBRID Software’s high-performance Flexo Plate Layout solution.

Learn more about taking the next step to PACKZ and achieving your prepress goals with maximum efficiency or contact us for more information.


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