Capture 3D for on the mark 3D modeling and shrink sleeve quality

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Introducing Capture 3D

Our newest technology, Capture 3D, is an optional expert application for on the mark 3D modeling and shrink sleeve quality. Via 2D artwork to 3D modeling mapping, heat shrinkage is accurately compensated, and results can be shared in a visually realistic 3D preview. With innovative technology, precise and easy grid distortion can take place in minutes instead of days, speeding up customers’ time to market drastically. And since Capture 3D eliminates dead zones,  your customers’ packaging gains valuable real estate for increased visual appeal and brand awareness.


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How does it work?

The process begins by selecting the 3D grid pattern most applicable to your printing technique and packaging. Once chosen, print the grid and shrink the pattern around the model. Reflex cameras are then used to accurately scan 360 degrees of the model.

This generates a unique grid which compensates for distortion and is uploaded to Capture 3D. In the last step, the 3D artwork is mapped to a 3D model, which can then be shared as part of the HYBRID workflow for approvals and then sent on its way to print.

Processes which usually take days to perfect are integrated into a smooth workflow and completed in minutes. Contact us today to start your journey to unmatched shrink sleeve quality.

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