Refinements in CLOUDFLOW Proofscope

2021-11-17T11:55:06+01:0017/11/2021|PRODUCT NEWS|

Color Coding of Proofscope Notes 

Organize approval rounds to be more manageable, by defining the note color based on user profiles. Watch the video to learn more!


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Export Proofscope Notes to PDF

Notes can now be edited after saving, as well as exported conveniently to PDF. The offline storage of approvals provides you with extra flexibility and to help work around security constraints when needed.

Grace Period for Approval Revokes

Have you ever had a customer send approval of an artwork file, only to realize later they still would like something to be changed? CLOUDFLOW users and their customers can now enjoy an approval grace period. Assessments can be undone easily within 24 hours via the web browser without extra phone calls or emailing threads.

Zoom In More Than 3000 % Closer

Get as close as you want to your files with Live Rendering Mode’s Deep Zoom functionality. Improving from 800%, users can now view artwork with 25,000%+ zoom. Even the smallest distances, such as traps, have the correct measurements. The 2-Point click measures across large distances (wider than your screen) and works with scrolling: to reposition simply select the new endpoints.

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