What are the advantages of Intelligent Flexo?

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Intelligent Flexo Overview
Intelligent Flexo is HYBRID Software’s innovative solution for improving print quality and reducing ink usage. It is a post-RIP screening module and designed to boost the quality of Flexo output. Intelligent Flexo automates the optimization of problem areas, such as flat paints, rasters, barcodes, text or borders, that used to be applied in a time-consuming editing step manually before.

How does it work?
Intelligent Flexo applies patterns on your prepress files to control the ink distribution and ensure that no bleeding occurs. By improving the way the ink is transferred on the press, the density is not only boosted but our customers can attain great results in a repeatable and consistent way. Since our software is open, our customers can easily integrate the module into their existing systems without a hassle. Our users can test their files, and improve results, with room for flexibility!


  • Exists within the CLOUDFLOW ecosystem, with a multi-user, browser accessible tool
  • Agnostic solution, works independently of CTP, plate material, and RIP vendors, either TIFF or LEN
  • Unlocks the untapped potential of existing equipment, both hardware and software, without costly investments
Intelligent Flexo removes issues at the horizontal edges

Watch Intelligent Flexo at work here:


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