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🧘‍♀️ Healthy Work-Life Balance
🏠 Working from home possibilities
💡 Excellent support and innovation

bryt Graphics Ltd. was looking for these possibilities and more before the pandemic, and to our pleasure chose us. We are happy to hear from them as they share that our trainings are keeping their skills and engagement high as well as creating solutions relevant for their customers.

Read their story:

Established in February 2020 bryt Graphics is a new business that is already rapidly securing a reputation for exceptional standards of service and quality. Collectively the newly assembled bryt Graphics team offers enviable levels of experience across such disciplines as brand management, labels, flexible and corrugated ensuring the customer experience is simple and hassle free.  The flexo platemaking sector is an extremely competitive one with a number of well established and recognisable names accounting for significant percentages of the market. Within this arena the bryt Graphics team are pushing the bar to new levels by working with selected partners and the latest technology to maximise efficiencies through every step of the process.

As a new business choosing the correct software to build a workflow infrastructure around is an extremely important decision. In selecting HYBRID Software for this key position bryt Graphics Ltd recognised a partner with similar values to our own and one that would be receptive and proactive in assisting them to create relevant and bespoke solutions for their clients. When setting up the business the management team at bryt were keen to acknowledge the benefits for their employees in a healthy work-life balance and as a result established a network to facilitate home working even before the recent pandemic forced other business to follow suit. One of the key concerns in operating such a system was ensuring the colleagues remained engaged and their skills did not stagnate. The online bootcamps, seminars and training provided by HYBRID addressed this concern directly and even allowed bryt to identify and unlock additional efficiencies within the process.

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