Hand in hand to digital transformation with Vollherbst

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  • Printing house for special labels for over 100 years
  • Medium-sized company headquartered in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl, Germany
  • HYBRID customer since 2011 – CLOUDFLOW and PACKZ

Going. Digital. Together.

About ten years ago, Vollherbst and HYBRID Software entered a partnership.

Vollherbst is a print shop for special labels, a family business now in its 4th generation, that passionately caters to the wine, spirits, and high-quality luxury goods industry. The creative team at Vollherbst’s blood pumps for the production of authentic and strong brands via story-telling labels. Not too far from our HYBRID office in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, a relationship was formed as Vollherbst was beginning its digital transformation in 2011. Since then, 40 of their employees have ditched paperwork and implemented digitally based administrative operations.

Flash forward to 2022, the team at Vollherbst is taking the next step with HYBRID Software to modernize their prepress software. Although the benefit of digitization and automation is easy to rationalize, the fear that comes with change sometimes doesn’t budge – especially if this means a different way of doing your work. Vollherbst understood that the employee’s satisfaction with the software is a top priority, and didn’t give up until their team was on board! We understood this challenge and supported the team at Vollherbst with coaching, where the team’s questions could be answered while processing real production jobs.

At the end of the coaching, we are happy to say that the employees felt convinced of the benefits but moreover confident that this was the correct decision.

We look forward to the next steps together in the years ahead!

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