Powerful, cloud-based automation at Asteria Group France

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Powerful, cloud-based automation at Asteria Group France

To optimise the productivity and efficiency of its French operations, Asteria Group has opted for the SaaS solution from HYBRID Software, MyCLOUDFLOW.

In just a few years, a European leader in label printing has emerged in West Flanders through organic growth and acquisitions. Asteria Group, which has embarked on a rapid international growth process centred on the company Accent in Gullegem (near Kortrijk), currently has 32 sites in ten countries, with a total of about 1800 employees!

“A European business with strong, local roots in every country where we are active”, is how Ives Declerck, the CEO of Asteria Group, defines it. “We work for both SMEs and multinationals, mainly in the food, beverage, cosmetics and home care sectors etc. And we have one golden rule: ‘we think before we print’. That means we invest time and resources in being able to offer a ‘first time right’ approach. Delivering labels is about so much more than the end product alone. What information needs to appear on the labels? What image does our customer want to project? Sustainability, luxury or traceability? Context-driven communication about consumption is what it’s all about. Thanks to our approach, we can guarantee short delivery times and flexibility without compromising on quality and precision. The key to what we do is also deploying our best resources where they are needed.”

Powerful, cloud-based automation
As a long-term HYBRID Software customer and user of the PACKZ prepress editor, the Asteria Group has decided to take the next step towards automating its prepress processes in France. With the introduction of MyCLOUDFLOW, Asteria is benefiting from an advanced SaaS solution that centralises and streamlines the prepress workflows from all its French sites. This solution does not require a physical server. As a result, the IT investments are minimal, and implementation is flexible and effortless.


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Production workflow with seamless integration
MyCLOUDFLOW enables Asteria to extract technical information from incoming artwork files, which is essential for generating quotations. It also offers them a simple way of checking files in advance, making changes with the advanced PACKZ artwork editor and implementing approval workflows with online collaboration, which helps them get it ‘first time right’ more often and reduces the time-to-market. Furthermore, MyCLOUDFLOW is integrated with the ERP system CERM, which is especially designed for the label sector and enables a seamless data and status exchange.

“In the future, we want to extend the workflow, because we want to take advantage of that flexibility between our sites, and HYBRID offers us the ideal solution for that. We can automate almost everything, which means we can complete assignments more quickly and reduce the risk of errors. That will bring us closer to our goal: offering our customers solutions and ‘thinking before we print’. Automation will enable us to work even more efficiently and give our employees more time to respond to customers’ questions and cope with our future growth.” – Christophe Beke, Chief Technology Innovation Officer.

Flexibility, scalability and security
MyCLOUDFLOW gives Asteria the flexibility to reduce the number of licences it needs, since a single system supports several operations. Additionally, the prepress operator is no longer limited to a single location: instead, he or she can work at any location and at any time.

HYBRID Software keeps MyCLOUDFLOW up and running in the most optimal state, including back-ups and security. This reduces Asteria’s need for IT resources, freeing up the team to concentrate on their core activities without having to worry about infrastructure and maintenance.

MyCLOUDFLOW has transformed the way the Asteria Group manages its operations in France. With this cloud-based solution, Asteria has increased its productivity, minimised its IT investments and implemented an efficient, integrated workflow that enables it to cope with growing demand. MyCLOUDFLOW has proved that it is an essential tool for pioneering businesses in the packaging and label printing sector, such as the Asteria Group.

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