Robos Germany’s quick reaction to COVID-19

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Despite COVID-19’s challenges, our customer Robos is producing around the ⏰ with our software.

Robos is a forward-looking label production company from Kornwestheim, Germany. They prioritise the highest quality in their diverse set of technologies ranging from digital, UV inject, silk-screen and flexo printing, to booklet & screen printing and blanked parts.

To secure the highest safety for their employees since the outbreak, Robos alternates their employees and have their facilities cleaned between shifts. Way to go! 🎖

Read their story:

In the midst of CO-VID 19, companies, individuals, and families are living through a challenging time that is begging us for innovative thinking- especially in how we work. In this light, we would like to highlight a success story demonstrating adaptation: our customer Robos. Robos, is a future thinking label production company from Kornwestheim outside of Stuttgart.

The high quality prioritising company implements technologies from digital, UV inject, Silk-screen and Flexo printing, to Booklet & Screen printing and blanked parts. They have taken the safety and health of their employees as number one priority since the outbreak. But that doesn’t mean their production line is put on hold.

The Team at Robos, while using HYBRID Software for digital printing of serialised labels, have adopted shift-like work flows, and external cleaning professionals coming in between shifts, to ensure contagions are to the minimum.

Now with team members producing around the clock, jobs are able to continue humming along — and with little disturbance in output.

We at HYBRID are happy to hear stories like this, and hope to be here for our customers during this time.

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