Studiolaser Brasil achieves perfect performance

2020-10-21T16:52:54+02:0021/10/2020|SUCCESS STORIES|

Let’s visit a HYBRID customer in Brasil, shall we?⛱

… to Sao Paulo, inside tradeshop Studiolaser who delivers to customers all over Brasil – even producing jobs the day they are approved. Their daily rhythm includes 20 jobs completed per day per prepress operator.

When their studio owner, Felipe Santana made the decision to choose HYBRID Software, not everyone knew what was exactly in store.

Soon enough, their prepress operators realised that their workflow has never been more efficient or intuitive and were amazed at the improvement in the quality of their output files.

In one month, HYBRID Software has helped Studio Laser achieve perfect performance: successfully outputting more than 500 files with ZERO mistakes or errors in production.

Learn more by visiting them at

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Prepress At Studio Laser

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