The power of CLOUDFLOW for HP Preprint T-Series Presses

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HP One Package Software

HP is a proud partner of ours and a household name around the world due to its successful product and service suite including personal systems, home and office printers, 3D printing, and industrial printing solutions. In the search for communication with other vendors and customers with the highest efficiencies, HP One Package Software was born. Built into the HP T-series presses, the HP One Package Software integrates and acts as a hub, connecting every component in the system, and attaining more flexibility and faster time to market for customers. HP One Package Software unites multiple vendors including GMG for color management, BST Eltromat for 100% print quality inspection, and Tilia Labs for planning, while CLOUDFLOW spearheads the communication at the core. The open architecture of these organizations allows for multi-vendor support for the greatest flexibility for our mutual customers.

HP + HYBRID Software

When HP started to design the One Package concept, they found that, whilst different customers had similar needs, there were always small differences concerning the integration with the different parts of the box-plant systems. HP realised that they needed a flexible platform that was easy to adapt to individual customer needs. They found this flexibility in HYBRID CLOUDFLOW.

After training by our team, the team at HP could independently set up a successful solution. After a short modification round from us, the final prototype solution was completed from start to finish in three short months.

“That’s it?!” – technician onsite for HP after the installation took less time than anticipated to deploy and get up and running

Digital Preprint for Corrugated Packaging

The HP PageWide T1190 Press with One Package Powered by CLOUDFLOW was up and running faster than any other press that HP had deployed. Since CLOUDFLOW is built on open standards, it has always been able to communicate freely to different systems, providing the solution HP was wishing for. CLOUDFLOW was adeptly able to solve HP’s challenge of pulling data from various inspection, corrugated, and planning systems, and our PDF Editor PACKZ supports the growing popularity of variable data printing including serialization for individual boxes and sheet-based serialization.

Mike Agness, Executive Vice President of HYBRID Software Americas, oversaw this project. He shares, “HYBRID Software solutions should be in the first line brilliantly simple. We aim to provide brilliant software solutions that at the end of the day create a comfortable experience for the end-user. The work together with HP to create HP One Package Software was a great collaboration of technology, and a project I am proud to have been a part of. This allows corrugated converters to achieve increased efficiencies like never before, and I look forward to the new possibilities for corrugated applications as well as for digital label printing. We orchestrate in planning the roll, whether that roll is 13 inches wide or 110 inches wide.”


When HP customers now have requests, they are taken care of very quickly, without any extra development needed, just configuration, and their customers benefit from rapid time to market. In addition, because HP utilized Global Graphic Software, our sister company, for state-of-the-art RIP possibilities, HYBRID Software’s central data management software connects flawlessly to the HP RIP.


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